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Sandridge Bethel PCG

Pastor Billy Suthern

Rev. and Mrs. Billy Suthern

Mailing Address:
305 W 2nd St
Dyess, AR 72330
Church Phone 870-537-4685
Pastor's Phone 870-764-2176

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Billy Suthern began pastoring Sandridge Bethel PCG in 1981.

He was ordained with the PCG in 1985.

His vision is to see the community turned up side down with the power of God just like it was in the Book of Acts.

Pastor Suthern and his wife, Earlene, have 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren.

He traveled for many years with his family in a singing group called “New Life”. The name was later changed to “Suthern Gospel.”

Many souls were saved and many filled with the Holy Ghost during this time. The power of God moved in awesome ways.

Pastor Suthern firmly believes in the moving of the Holy Ghost, the gifts of the Spirit and those being manifested in the service and in personal everyday lives. Messages are firmly preached against sin, because sin will not stand before God nor make it into heaven. People need to know and understand the consequences sin has. Humanity needs to know how to live stable, deep rooted lives in God.

Pastor Suthern loves God and Bethel PCG and as a result has poured many years, many tears, and many hours of prayer into Bethel.

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"Come Grow With Us"

Sandridge Bethel PCG
2734 W State HWY 181 in Bassett, AR
Church is just off Interstate 55 exit 36