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Sandridge Bethel PCG

Asc. Pastor

Rhonda Suthern


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The Associate is Pastor Suthern's eldest daughter, Rhonda Suthern who was called to preach in 1990 and accepted the Associate in 2002.

Over the years she traveled with her family in a singing group singing and playing bass guitar.

She held youth leader position at Bethel for many years.

Today, she has a strong burden for the Women's Ministry and the local church.

She believes that the local church is a MUST in every Christian's life.

In her words, “It's a foundation that cannot be neglected and must be nourished and kept alive, it's support you simply cannot live without.”

She also has a burden for women; because so many women in the church today do not realize their potential in God. She believes that women are very strong spiritually and that God loves women as well as works through them. Today women are used in so many ways to reach our world with the good news of Jesus.

She feels that for too long the enemy has beaten women over the head, lying to them, telling them they can't do anything in the church. To this lie she says, “Wrong! Yes they can!” Scripture declares, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.”

Her words to all Christian ladies is simply, “Get up off the pew and get into action for God!”

There is nothing like the force of a Holy Ghost filled woman!

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Sandridge Bethel PCG
2734 W State HWY 181 in Bassett, AR
Church is just off Interstate 55 exit 36