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Sandridge Bethel PCG
Church History

The church started out as Apostolic in a very tiny building believed to be in the late '60's. They later built a block building w/no plumbing or outhouse.

In the early 70's a lady named Alice Cissell bought the building and converted it to the Independant Faith.

In the late 70's it was bought from the Cissell's and pastored by Lafonce Latham who was licensed with the PCG. He was there for about 3 years. After him, Thomas Carter was pastor.

In 1981 Billy Suthern began to pastor and brought the church into the PCG organization. Since then, the building has been completely remodeled. There are now classrooms, bathrooms, central heat/air, a complete sound system and a fellowship hall. A brick sign is being constructed and are now planning to install a baptistry.

The Suthern's have seen God do many things since the early 80's. Many people have been saved, filled with the Holy Ghost and called into the ministry.

The slogan for the church is “A Word that will Prick the Heart, not Itch the Ear.”

We firmly believe in the unadulterated word of the living God and know all must have the Word in order to live a successful Christian life.

Everyone is Welcome

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"Come Grow With Us"

Sandridge Bethel PCG
2734 W State HWY 181 in Bassett, AR
Church is just off Interstate 55 exit 36